About Me

Hello all,

Hai, Dha Khanzaki Here.. I’m just an ordinary girl. I like dreaming so much. and writing story of course.

Okay, if you want to know all about me, this is it :


My Bio:

Real Name : Risda Julianingati

Nickname : Dha Khanzaki, Shin Je Young, Julia Shin, and more..
Facebook account : Dha Khanzaki *add, ok^_^*
Twitter account : @julianingati23 *follow me, follow me*

Birth Place : Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Date : March 23, 1992

Gender : Woman of course -_-

Fav. colour : Blue, Green, white, pink, lavender, and sapphire blue ocean

Fav. Food : Chicken Noodle, cookies, others..

Hobby : Writing a stories, watching movies, reading any book, browsing, listeing to music *all of type*, sleeping, and.. dreaming..


I’m an Otaku. I like reading comics such as.. Detective Conan by Aoyama Gosho-Sensei, Kodomo No Omocha by Miho Obana-sensei, Mint Na Bokura by Wataru Yoshizumi-sensei, Detective School Q by Seimaru Amagi sensei and more again…

Movies that I liked are The Lord OF The Rings, Harry Potter (all episodes), Transformers, etc..

I like watching movie science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, and I didn’t like movie with many blood on it. such as movie thriller. hiiiiyyy.. I’m so scary.

oh. this is very very important.


I’m an ELF especially SPARKYU.

~super junior wallpaper49


And I love Kyuhyun Oppa.. sarang hae…


~Kyu Wallpaper4

and finally, this is me ^_^


ohohoho…. By by alllll.. muach..



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